Xarray-spatial documentation#

Xarray-Spatial implements common raster analysis functions using Numba and provides an easy-to-install, easy-to-extend codebase for raster analysis.

xarray-spatial grew out of the Datashader project, which provides fast rasterization of vector data (points, lines, polygons, meshes, and rasters) for use with xarray-spatial.

xarray-spatial does not depend on GDAL / GEOS, which makes it fully extensible in Python but does limit the breadth of operations that can be covered. xarray-spatial is meant to include the core raster-analysis functions needed for GIS developers / analysts, implemented independently of the non-Python geo stack.

Fast, Accurate Python library for Raster Operations
Extensible with Numba
Scalable with Dask

Free of GDAL / GEOS Dependencies
General-Purpose Spatial Processing,
Geared Towards GIS Professionals.