xrspatial.aspect.aspect(agg[, name])

Calculates the aspect value of an elevation aggregate.


xrspatial.curvature.curvature(agg[, name])

Calculates, for all cells in the array, the curvature (second derivative) of each cell based on the elevation of its neighbors in a 3x3 grid.


xrspatial.hillshade.hillshade(agg[, ...])

Calculates, for all cells in the array, an illumination value of each cell based on illumination from a specific azimuth and altitude.


xrspatial.slope.slope(agg[, name])

Returns slope of input aggregate in degrees.

Terrain Generation#

xrspatial.terrain.generate_terrain(agg[, ...])

Generates a pseudo-random terrain which can be helpful for testing raster functions.


xrspatial.viewshed.viewshed(raster, x, y[, ...])

Calculate viewshed of a raster (the visible cells in the raster) for the given viewpoint (observer) location.

Perlin Noise#

xrspatial.perlin.perlin(agg[, freq, seed, name])

Generate perlin noise aggregate.

Bump Mapping#

xrspatial.bump.bump(width, height[, count, ...])

Generate a simple bump map to simulate the appearance of land features.