Atmospherically Resistant Vegetation Index (ARVI)

xrspatial.multispectral.arvi(nir_agg, ...[, ...])

Computes Atmospherically Resistant Vegetation Index.

Enhanced Built=Up and Bareness Index (EBBI)

xrspatial.multispectral.ebbi(red_agg, ...[, ...])

Computes Enhanced Built-Up and Bareness Index (EBBI) which allows for easily distinguishing between built-up and bare land areas.

Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI)

xrspatial.multispectral.evi(nir_agg, ...[, ...])

Computes Enhanced Vegetation Index.

Green Chlorophyll Index (GCI)

xrspatial.multispectral.gci(nir_agg, green_agg)

Computes Green Chlorophyll Index.

Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR)

xrspatial.multispectral.nbr(nir_agg, swir2_agg)

Computes Normalized Burn Ratio.

Normalized Burn Ratio 2 (NBR2)

xrspatial.multispectral.nbr2(swir1_agg, ...)

Computes Normalized Burn Ratio 2 "NBR2 modifies the Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR) to highlight water sensitivity in vegetation and may be useful in post-fire recovery studies." [1]_

Normalized Difference Moisture Index (NDMI)

xrspatial.multispectral.ndmi(nir_agg, swir1_agg)

Computes Normalized Difference Moisture Index.

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

xrspatial.multispectral.ndvi(nir_agg, red_agg)

Computes Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI).

Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (SAVI)

xrspatial.multispectral.savi(nir_agg, red_agg)

Computes Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (SAVI).

Structure Insensitive Pigment Index (SIPI)

xrspatial.multispectral.sipi(nir_agg, ...[, ...])

Computes Structure Insensitive Pigment Index which helpful in early disease detection in vegetation.

xrspatial.multispectral.true_color(r, g, b)

Create true color composite from a combination of red, green and blue bands satellite images.